In facilities equipped with 24 hour recordable cameras and computerized systems, and with modern ventilation and air conditioning equipment, chicks are constantly monitored in accordance with health conditions. Broiler eggs obtained from healthy parent stocks, which are kept under constant control at the source, are sent hatching facilities. Then, the chicks are grown production facilities in accordance with biosecurity rules.

Animal Welfare

Production at HasTavuk is carried out in accordance with the rules of international animal welfare. Chickens that are brought from farms to the slaughterhouse with special live transport vehicles under the supervision of highly trained and are kept in the appropriately ventilated and air-conditioned waiting areas until the time of slaughter.

Chickens are transferred to the cutting-line in a kind manner and in an environment with blue light.

All of the stages are controlled and recorded by our company and official veterinarians.

4-Stage Hygiene Barrier

HasTavuk manufacturing process starts with the parent stock chicks generating healthy families. Obtained from healthy parents, healthy offsprings are raised with special attention to hygiene. Healthy offsprings are fed with natural and hygienic feed and are cut in sanitary conditions in accordance with Islamic rules. Chicken and chicken products reach the tables of our consumers after being shipped in accordance with the rules of hygiene and cold chain regulations. In these four stages, from farm to the table, that take place under HasTavuk’s supervision and assurance, biosecurity rules are strictly provided.

Chicken meat and products offered by HasTavuk are obtained from healthy chicks fed and raised with healthy feeds, which are also grown and produced by HasTavuk, and then slaughtered in our facilities. Using the barcode on the products, this integrated system allows you to retrospectively monitor which poultry house it came from, which feed it ate, and from which cornfield this feed was came from. We refer to this system as farm to table 4-stage hygiene barrier.

Hand Cutting

Hand cutting of the chickens coming to HasTavuk slaughterhouse under suitable conditions is performed in accordance with Islamic conditions, facing the Qibla and the name of Allah must be invoked.

HasTavuk products accepted and preferred in many religions are Halal slaughter.

As HasTavuk, we consider slaughtering only the healthy animals, performing the production phase hygienically and caring about human health are inseparable aspects of Halal slaughtering.

Dry Cutting / Aeroscalder

The Aeroscalder system is used by HasTavuk for the first time in Turkey and received the ‘’ Golden Invention ‘’ award in Europe.  With this system chicken feathers are softened with intensive airflow instead of keeping the chickens in warm water. With the enriched air flow given to each chicken separately, that is, at a certain temperature and humidity, the chickens do not touch each other hence bacteria interaction (contamination) is avoided. With this process, halal slaughtering standards are also fully achieved.

Air Cooling

The body temperature of the chickens, that are hand-cut and then cleaned with zero-touch, is reduced from 32 ° C to 0-4 ° C in order to be suitable for the best storage conditions. In this process of production, HasTavuk uses densified cold air instead of water to cool its chickens hygienically without touching each other. Thus, water absorption of the chickens during cooling off is prevented and the development process which creates a more delicious and softer meat product is obtained. Chicken that are not kept waiting in water maintain their natural odor and color.

Environment Friendly Production

Due to the latest technology production methods we use, we save up to 75% water and 60% electricity. We keep water consumption a minimum by using hygienically enriched air instead of water during two important stages of our production. In addition, in order to show our responsibility to the environment, we require each of our new employees to plant three trees.

Hygiene and Disinfection

The hygiene and sanitary principles are adopted by all our employees that work in HasTavuk slaughtering facilities doing production in accordance with the Turkish Food Codex and European Union regulations. All our employees and visitors are required to follow hygiene rules in our slaughtering facilities designed by multi-disciplinary profession groups (Food Engineer, Veterinarian, Mechanical Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Agricultural Engineer etc.). 

All personnel, visitors and vehicles entering our slaughterhouse facilities, which we isolate from the external environment, are subjected to disinfection. Our employees change into their work clothes in the locker rooms that are separated according to the department, gender and job function. In order to prevent foreign subject contamination personal belongings such as, watches, phones are kept in the safe provided at the entrance.  In a similar fashion, in accordance with foreign material and hygiene regulations, our employees cannot go into the production facilities without passing through the hygiene turnpikes with the proper head restraints, masks, work jumpsuits and boots.

All of our production areas, the machinery, and equipment used are disinfected by our cleaning team working 24/7. Positive pressure air is used to prevent contamination from the outside environment to the production areas. Thus, the air, except for the filtered air we use in the production areas, is prevented from entering the production areas.

Health screening for our personnel is carried out on a regular basis. The follow-ups and the urgent interventions when necessary are carried out by our doctors and nurses working at the infirmary at the slaughter facilities.

All the cleaning and disinfection as well as the condition of the production facilities, the equipment, the personnel and the product hygiene are secured by tests carried out at quality control labs.